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History Department Writing Tutors


Brad Phillis: 2529 Dunford Hall

Josh Sander: 2530 Dunford Hall


Monday, Wednesday (2530): 8am-1pm

Tuesday, Thursday (2529): 8am-1pm


January 16- May 5


The History Department offers undergraduates in history courses access to dedicated writing tutors to help them to improve their historical writing. Students who want help with writing for history courses can talk with a writing tutor about many components of their writing, including its structure, clarity, use of historical evidence, grammar, syntax, style, and argument(s). Writing tutors can also provide help with the process of formatting citations according to the rules laid out in the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard style guide for historical writing.

The writing tutors do not mark-up or grade student work—instead, they provide feedback aimed at helping students to improve their writing skills (as well as particular writing assignments). Students are encouraged to consult the writing tutors early and often in the writing process, even before having written anything at all. Consultation with the writing tutors should not replace interaction with a student’s professor and/or TA. Instead, it should be viewed as an additional resource.


Students wishing to consult a writing tutor can sign up for an appointment on the fifth floor of Dunford Hall. There is a sign-up sheet on the door of Dunford 2530, where Josh Sander has their office. Unfortunately, students cannot make appointments via e-mail at this time. Appointments happen either in Dunford 2529 or 2530, depending on which tutor is on-duty. Students should check both offices when coming to appointments!

Students can also see one of the writing tutors on a walk-in basis during any of the posted hours. However, in the case of conflicts, preference will be given to students who have made appointments. There is only one writing tutor on-duty at any given time, so making an appointment ahead of time is encouraged!


Whether coming to an appointment with a writing tutor or walking in, students should bring physical copies of the following materials:

  1. The course syllabus and assignment;
  2. Any primary or secondary sources being used to complete the assignment;
  3. Any drafts of the work-in-progress (including outlines, notes, or drafts with comments).

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