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History Honors Program


Students in the honors program have the exciting opportunity to pursue their own research while working closely with a faculty mentor. Past participants in the honors program have found it to be a highly rewarding experience to spend their senior year learning about a topic of great personal interest. For any student who plans to apply to graduate programs, participating in this program is crucial. Graduate admissions committees like to see that prospective students have had experience doing original research and writing a substantial paper. In addition to history graduate programs, our honors students have gone on to pursue a variety of careers in law, teaching, and the corporate world. They have found that the experience and skills they gained while working independently on their research projects helped them succeed after they left UT.

The Requirements

All declared history majors with an overall GPA of at least 3.25 are invited to apply to the honors program. The honors concentration consists of 33 credit hours that includes History 221-222 (or the honors equivalent); one upper division course dealing predominantly with a period prior to 1750; four upper division courses in the following areas: one Europe, one United States, and two courses in Asia, Africa, or Latin America (choose from two of the three areas). Students must take one additional history honors course or History 499. This may also be fulfilled with an honors-by-contract course. Honors students must complete history 307 in the spring semester of either the sophomore or junior years. Finally, students must complete History 407 and 408 in the senior year.

A grade of B or above must be maintained in all honors courses, along with an overall GPA of 3.25. Students interested in honors work should submit an application to the department’s honors coordinator prior to enrolling in history 307.

2014-2015 Honors Theses

  • Caitlyn Haley, “Estes Kefauver and Al Gore Sr.: Moderation in a Chaotic Time.” Mentor: Dr. Tore Olsson
  • Trey Townsend, “‘For Want of Property Authority’: The Wataugans and the Revolutionary Era.” Mentor: Dr. Bob Hutton

For more information about the honors program, contact Dr. Luke Harlow. Email:

To apply to the honors program, please see the attached form: History Honors Application


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