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1970s Alumni

Department of History: The University of Tennessee, 1972
Department of History: The University of Tennessee, 1972

Charles F. Bryan, Jr.: Ph.D. 1979
Current Position: Director, Virginia Historical Society

Michael Edens: M.A. 1978
Current Position: Screenwriter

Floyd Greenleaf: Ph.D. 1976
Current Position: Retired.

Thomas Ott: Ph.D. 1970
Current Position: Professor, University of North Alabama.

Joseph M. Pukl, Jr.: M.A. 1977
Current Position: Head, Acquisitions Department, Cooper Library, University of South Carolina.
Dissertation Title:“Congressional Campaigns of James K. Polk, 1824-1837.”
Publishing: 1980: “James K. Polk’s Early Congressional Campaigns of 1825 and 1827”
1981: “James K. Polk’s Congressional Campaigns, 1829-1837”
1982: “James K. Polk’s Congressional Campaigns of 1835 and 1837”

Thomas Ronald: M.A. 1972
Current Position: Retired: Knox County School System

Ambassador Margaret Scobey: B.A. 1973
Current Position: United States Ambassador to Egypt.

Thomas A. Scott: Ph.D. 1978
Supervising Professor: Dr. Graf
Current Position: Professor, Kennesaw State University
Dissertation Title:“Cobb County, Georgia, 1880-1900: A Socioeconomic Study of an Upper Piedmont Country”
Publishing: 1995: “Cornerstones of Georgia History: Documents that Formed the State”
2003: “Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society”

James T. Wall: Ph.D. 1974
Supervising Professor: Dr. Duncan
Current Position: Professor Emeritus of History
Dissertation Title:“U.S. Intervention in Nicaragua, 1848-1857.”
Publishing: 1999: “The Boundless Frontier”
2008: “Wall Street and the Fruited Plain”

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