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Rachel Marohn

Graduate Student


Rachel Marohn is a second-year Americanist M.A. student working under the guidance of Dr. Susan Lawrence. She is currently working on her thesis exploring the intersections of Colonial Indigenous, African, and Euro American women’s medical practices from a cisAtlantic perspective. Her previous academic coursework spans early-modern British history, Colonial American history, and 18th-20th century Native American history. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Colorado Mesa University after completing her thesis: “Carlisle School: The Convergence and Divergence of Carlos Montezuma and Gertrude Bonnin’s Lives,” which explored the intricate social, cultural, and emotional dynamics of navigating an ever-changing world for Native Americans in the early-20th century. She began graduate level coursework at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs where she completed thesis work in Civil War medicine.


Research Interests

Medical, material, social, Atlantic, & pre-modern history.


BA, History, Colorado Mesa University

Contact Information