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Recent Faculty Publications

Department faculty members have published an impressive number of books on a wide variety of historical topics. Visit our Recent Faculty Publications Page to learn more.

German History

Modern German History is an area of special strength at The University of Tennessee. The department boasts four historians of Germany, and our graduate students have won numerous prestigious national and international fellowships.

MARCO Institute

Working in close alliance with The Department of History, the MARCO Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies fosters interdisciplinary communities and intellectual exchange across campus. MARCO also provides research support to faculty and grad students in History.

Award Winning Faculty

In recent years department faculty members have won an impressive list of national and international awards, including 7 book awards and research fellowships from the ACLS, NEH, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the MacArthur Foundation, among others.

The Polk Project

The James K. Polk Project devotes itself to publishing the letters of the United States’ eleventh president from 1845 to 1849. History Department faculty from the University of Tennessee comprise the project’s staff. The Polk Project has garnered international recognition, as well as major federal grant support.

The Papers of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was of one of the most critical and controversial figures in American history. Jackson lent his name first to a political movement, then to an era, and finally to democracy itself. The Papers of Andrew Jackson now producing a series of seventeen volumes that will bring Jackson’s most important papers to the public in easily readable form.

The Center for the Study of War and Society

The Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the relationship between war and society. We undertake a mission of public service education through our study and research in the human experience of war and peace, international conflict, and diplomatic cooperation.


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Welcome to the Department of History

The Department of History at the University of Tennessee provides an engaged and exciting place to learn about the past. We have an award-winning faculty that provides a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum. We offer graduate programs in three clusters: 1. Modern Europe, with an emphasis on German history; 2. American history, with special emphasis on the 19th century and also religious history; and, 3. Medieval and Renaissance history, with particular strengths in Muslim-Christian relations, the Crusades, and Mediterranean-facing Europe. The Department houses editorial projects on the presidential papers of Andrew Jackson and James Polk. We also work closely with interdisciplinary institutes and centers on campus, most importantly the MARCO Institute and the Center for the Study of War and Society.

This is a stellar place to think and learn about the past, and find a path to your future. Come join us! Follow the links above, or see below for more information.


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